Official Claymore! Home Page of  Rodney E. Barnes.

This info is for my current gaming groups:
Claymore RPG and Character Spread Sheet Excel & Word 97 format (06/28/08).
Claymore Combat Cards in Word 97 format (09/21/06).

The Wolfsheads (Robin Hood) Campaign Stuff (03/21/06)(1200K) Includes C&C Character Spread Sheet Excel format, My House Rules, Game Mods, Multi-Class/Duel Class informaiton, and additional setting information in pdf format).
The Wolfsheds articles part 1 (Large 3-4megs each).
The Wolfsheds articles part 2.
The Wolfsheds articles part 3.
The Wolfsheds articles part 4.
RadCon, and GameStorm are coming! See you there!
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    Claymore RPG Support 

This is the Official Support Page for the Claymore RPG.

The following is the latest version of Claymore RPG for you to download.  You will need to re-format the text for your particular printer and word processor set up before printing. Claymore RPG and Character Spread Sheet in Word & Excel 97 format (06/28/08). Claymore Combat Cards in PDF format (09/21/06). Claymore Combat Round Tracker in Word 97 format (09/21/06). Claymore Combat Round Tracker in PDF format (09/21/06). Claymore Combat Round Tracker in RTF format (09/21/06). Claymore Monster Converter in Excel 5.0 format (09/21/06). Claymore Blank Character Sheet in PDF format (09/21/06).

Oldest Claymore RPG version 2.0 in Word 6.0 (circa 1990)

We experimented with the Fudge system for Claymore!

FudgeMore Word doc (04/25/02), A Fudge version of Claymore.
A Fugde Space Ship combat system  

Claymore Light!

An experamental shorter version of Claymore (a different game system) for the Internet!

Claymore Light v3.2 in Word 6.0 format (8/27/99).

My view on Magic in RPG's

Christian Mods for In Nomine Here are the mods for playing In Nomine from a Christian World View.

The Remnant: Christian Mods for AD&D DragonLance   Here are the mods for playing an AD&D game set in the DragonLance world, with a Christian World View. Also, below is the information for running a Christian 3E game in Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest (Wolfsheads) setting.
Blended AD&D Character Sheet
Critical Hit system for Blended AD&D
Old RadCon/GameStorm Classic BattleTech Tournement Rules

The Drawing Board Best BattleMech Editor Out (version 2.0.7 install)
The Drawing Board update (version 2.0.23)
All Official "book" Mechs in The Drawing Board format
RadCon/GameStorm "Blended" AD&D Rules

Sherwood Forest Christian Campain Mods for D&D 3rd Edition

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   Friend's Pages 

My Friend Dan Morgan's Home Page
My Friend Donn Ault's Home Page
Visions Game Project by Sparkling
Mike Harvey's Fudge Page

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    Contact Info. will send mail to my personal e-mail  will send mail to my wife, Luana

My ICQ Communication Center

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    Current Projects 

Here is my view on the end times
Here is my Resume I'm looking for a job in the ministry.
Here is my Statement of Faith
Here is my view on Divorce & Remarriage, I'm happy in my first and only Marriage to Luana, if curious.
Here is my view on Tithes & Offerings

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  Biographical Info. 

I am 40 years old, a white male, married to my new wife, Luana Mae, on October 4th 1997.  I'm 5'10" tall, 220lbs., brown hair, blue green eyes, large build. Graduated Dec. 20th 1996 from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary  (and was student counsel Vice President for two years, and a rep for 1) with a Masters of Divinity.  I also have; a BA in Radio Television Management from Eastern Washington University,  a Graduate Certificate in Bible from  Multnomah Biblical Seminary (then Multnomah Graduate School of Ministry), an Associate of Arts and Sciences in General Studies and an Associates of Arts in Applied Science in Computer Science from  Columbia Basin Community College.  I was Academic Vice President for one year, and sci-fi club Rep for two years, and  Campus Crusade for Christ  Rep for one year to the Student Counsel, I was also sci-fi club president one year.  I graduated from  Pasco Senior High School in 1984.  I also attended the Tri-Cities Area Vocational Center, and studied Radio-Television Production while at Pasco High.  I was a teacher for 8 years my church back home, First Baptist Church of Kennewick   in their  AWANA Club.   I also attended Judson Baptist College in The Dalles Oregon, before it when under 1984-85, my freshman year of college.  While there, I was a Young Life leader for the local High School.  I was also in  Boy Scouts from when I was 8 years old (as a Cub Scout) until I was 21 (as an Explorer Scout).  I'm a member of  Sigma Nu, my college Fraternity from EWU (Theta Lambda chapter), and also a member of Alpha Epsilon Rho, the National Broadcasting Honor Society.  I was also President of the Campus Role Playing Association while at EWU.  I have been involved in various other sci-fi and gaming planning committees, to include  RadCon, and GameStorm  I have also been involved from time to time with the  SCA.  I have been also involved with  Inter varsity Christian FellowshipChi Alpha, Baptist Student Union,  Koinania House, and Fellowship Of Christian Athletes when I went to EWU.  I went on summer missions the summers of 83, 84 and 86 with Mission Outreach Project (MOP, now called Delta Ministries), part of what is now called CBAmerica.  I was the Assistant Pastor (Liscenced Intern) at New Hope Community Church in Clackamas Oregon.   We left and became involved at Milwaukie First Baptist Church. for a time as an Oridnation Canidate and AWANA Games Director. We left and joined Solid Rock Southren Baptist Church  in Clackamas Oregon where I became the Interm Youth Director. There I was Liscenced to the Gospel Ministry. We are now currently attending Faith Community Fellowship  in Oregon City, Oregon. I worked for Safety-Kleen Corp. at their Clackamas Oregon branch as the Senior Material for 11 years. Then I went to work for Credence Systems Inc. in the Distribution department doing shipping and recieving for 8 months. I now work for Owens-Illinois as a Forming Apprentice and Selector.  I am still seeking full time ministry as a Pastor, waiting on God's leading. Besides ministry and game playing, I enjoy using  guns and shooting them.

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      Christian Links 
I'm always interested in Theology, Bible studies and Christian Music.  These links will expand as I find new sites to add to the list.

Promise Keepers
Internet Christian Library formerly the Institute for Christian Leadership.
ChristianBook.Com formerly
iBelieve.Com page
CrossWalk page
Christian Internet Broadcasting Network Home Page
Christian Research Institute Home Page
Christian Motorcycle Association Home Page
CCM Magazine Home Page
Jesus People USA
Rad Rockers Christian Music Sales
Logos Research Systems, Inc.
The Lockman Foundation 

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  Gaming Links 

I enjoy Role Playing and War Games, but I consider myself a man of Peace and not violence. 


Wizards of the Coast (AD&D, Alternety) Home Page
Steve Jackson Games (GURPS, Toon, In Nominie, Ogre, Car Wars) Home Page
Fan Pro (Classic BattleTech) Home Page
Hero Systems (Champions) Home Page
Palladium (RIFTS) Home Page
White Wolf (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Mummy, Changeling) Home Page
Games Workshop (War Hammer)Home Page
Iron Crown Enterprises (Role Master, Middle-Earth, CyberPunk, Travler) Home Page
FUDGE - A generic role playing skeleton system developed for use on the InterNet.

G.A.M.E. - A one page simple RPG I found

Other Games I play:
Mah Jongg Cyber Museum
Canasta Information Web Page

Other Gaming Resources:

Open RPG
Chris's Links to free RPGs
RPG Gateway
All Official "book" Mechs in FASA's Heavy Metal Mech Editor format
GURPS Character Assistant Home Page
Committee for the Advancement of Role Playing Games 

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    Christian Gaming Links 

There is now in the 90's a counter movement to the anti gaming rhetoric in the christian community during the 80's, and Christian Gaming has gained in popularity and use.

Pro-Christian Gaming Info:

The Way, The Truth, & The Dice E-Zine
Mark Young's D&D Resources
Pulling_Report Debuncked
Fantasy Role Playing Game Defense
Fantasy Writer Tracy Hickman's Ethical Views (LDS but still good)

Pro-christain Gaming sites:

Christian Gamers Guild Home Page
Projcet X Christian Gaming Web site
Christain Fandom Forums

Christian Game Systems:

DragonRaid Home Page
Redemption Collectable Card Game Home Page
Unity Card Game page
Stellar Sanctums (formerly BiblioTech) Christian RPG
The Minstrel's Song Christian RPG

DragonRaid Support File:
I had the DragonRaid files here, but Adventurs for Christ asked me to take them down.
They were released to the public in Unix text file format in 1993 and were not
taken down until 1998. So I could technically leave them on here under current
legal standards for the internet. However, I have the utmost respect for the ministry
of Adventures for Christ and so I volunterily complied with their request.
But here is my Word97 .doc file conversion of Andrew Bartmess compiled WordRune master list.
New American Standard Bible 1995 Update WordRunes.

Also, here is the LightRaider's Network News Letters that were taken offline.
LightRaider Net Letters 1 through 10 in Word .doc format.
LightRaider Net Letter number 11 in .PDF format.
LightRaider Net Letter number 12 in HTML format.
LightRaider Net Letter number 13 in HTML format.

RisenWorld Support Files:
RisenWorld is a Christian RPG written by Noah J. Clemon in MSWord6.0/95 format.
Here you will find the main rule book and three game worlds.
All the graphics have been removed to to save space.

RisenWorld Main Rules
RisenWorld Medeavil (1st Century Jerusalem) Sourcebook
RisenWorld Angelicum Sourcebook (Gothic)
RisenCyberWorld Sourcebook (Sci-Fi)
RisenWorld Number of the Stars (Sci-Fi/Space) Sourcebook

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