RadCon3B/GameStorm2002 BattleTech Tournament Rules

Session 1 is Friday I.  Session 2 is Friday II. 


1. Good MechWarriors: All players participating in BattleTech are expected to display good sportsmanship. The judges of any BattleTech tournament reserve the right to eject any player from a BattleTech tournament for unsportsman like or disruptive behavior.


2. Rules not in use: We will not be using from BattleTech Master Rules: Buildings (p.49ff.), Vehicles (p.54ff.), Infantry (p.59ff.), Miniature Rules (p.90ff.), Anti-BattleMech Infantry (p.67ff.), Artillery (p.68ff.), Clearing Woods (p.72ff.), Dropping Troops (p.72ff.), Fire (p.74ff.), Hidden Units (p.77ff.), Hostile Environments (p.78ff.), Improved Positions (p.80ff.), Minefields (p.80ff.), Night Combat (p.81ff.), Underwater Operations (p.88ff.), Active Probes (p.122ff.), Anti-Personnel Pods (p.123ff.), Artillery Weapons (p.123ff.), C3 Computer (p.124ff.), ECM Suites (p.126ff.), Flare LRMs (p.130), Fragmentation Missiles (p.130), Incendiary LRMs (p.130), Infernos (p.131), Semiguided LRMs (p.131), Swarm LRMs (p.131ff.), Swarm-I LRMs (p.132), Thunder LRMs (p.132), NARC Missile Beacon (p.133), and TAG (p.134).


3. Line of Sight: In addition to the normal LOS rules (p.25ff. BattleTech Master Rules), we will be using the Maximum Tech Diagraming LOS rules and the Dead Zone Rule (Maximum Tech p.21ff.) if necessary.  Remember, all judge determined lines of sight are final (and hopefully fare).


4. Mech Sheets: You may use any official FASA Mech sheets as published in the list of sources on pate 109 of Maximum Tech and BattleTech Record Sheets: 3060.  However, a) the Mech used must be of the appropriate level of play for the event you wish to use it in, b) it must be of the affiliation you wish to play, and c) it must be of the appropriate year the event is played in.  Also, any Mech sheets recreated from the “Technical Readout” series on computer software print out can be used.  You may use any computer generated Mech sheets from The Drawing Board. Players cannot use sheet protectors or markers.  Sheets should be marked legibly in INK so that the judges may review the record sheets if necessary.  Opponents have the right to view each other's record sheets at any time. To expedite Homebrew submissions, each Homebrew player is required to bring his own 3.5' disk with .dbm (The Drawing Board) BattleMech files for play.


The latest version of The Drawing Board is at ftp://www.sarna.net/pub/battletech/programs/designers/windows/tdbv207b.zip

There is also a Mech library for The Drawing Board located at ftp://www.sarna.net/pub/battletech/designs/drawing_board/ 


5. Homebrew Mechs: Mechs made for these events must follow these guidelines: A. Banned Equipment:  1. From BattleTech Master Rules: See #2.  2. Equipment not from BattleTech Master Rules is banned. 3.  Equipment that cannot be reproduced on The Drawing Board computer software is banned for these events.  4. Some equipment is only available for certain house/clan affiliation.  Make sure the affiliation you choose has access to the equipment you put on your Mech.  A good indicator is if the Technical Readouts list the equipment on Mech's designed for that affiliation.  Also common sense will dictate to some extent.  For example, Clan mechs never have physical weapons as physical attacks are dishonorable to a Clan Mechwarrior. B. You may mark on your sheet and have the judge sign off if there are critical spaces you wish to move equipment around it in the same location if the rules allow, but The Drawing Board would not allow you to adjust to your satisfaction.  The only example that we are aware of at this time is mounting physical weapons, as the program automatically mounts them in the upper criticals of the arm first.  If you wish to mount them in the lower criticals of the arm, you may mark it on the mech sheet and have a judge sign off before the event. C. Make sure the Mech designed is for the appropriate Level 1 or 2 play only. D. Mechs have a minimum Weight of 20 tons, and a Maximum Weight of 100 tons.  Proto-Mechs (those under 20 tons) are not allowed.  Also, Land Air Mechs (LAMs) are considered AeroTech vehicles not Mechs and are not allowed.  And Vehicles of any type are not allowed.  These events are Mechs only. E. All Mech designs have to be submitted for approval to the judges BEFORE the Game starts. F. If you don't feel like using a custom Mech, it is not required that you do so. G. Mixed technology Mechs are illegal. H. Make sure you do not adjust Battle Value for piloting and gunnery skill, and do not enter a piloting or gunnery skill when printing out. I. Make sure you mark on your Mech sheet if your auto ejection system is on or not (ie. "Auto-Ejection: Off").  Otherwise, it is assumed to be on.  J. Make sure you note on your Mech sheet: 1.The base Mech your custom Mech was built from (if any). 2. What Technical Readout it is found in. 3. And what page number it is found on.  This is in order for the judges to determine any other bonuses (ie. if it's a "bird mech" or not).


5. Piloting and Gunnery Skills: Piloting and Gunnery skills depend on the Battle Value of the 'Mechs each player has chosen to use during the event and the Rank of the MechWarrior.  Clansmen gain an additional  -1 to Piloting and Gunnery due to their genetic engineering if they follow Honorable Combat protocol.  Once a Clansmen breaks Honor, he/she loses his bonus.  “…Clan honor forbids more than one opponent to attack a single enemy, resulting in massive, battlefield-sized duels”-p.8 Objective Raids.  Each Clan Mechwarrior picks a target and stays with it until it is disabled, he is disabled, or Honor is broken by the enemy, then the Clansmen is freed from his/her Honor obligations, as the enemy has proven themselves dishonorable for the purposes of these events.  On the down side, Clansmen have a +1 to all Physical Attacks (cf. p.25 of Maximum Tech) for these events.


MechForce North America Gunner / Piloting Table

Battle Value   Gunnery           Piloting   

1-300                       0                              0             

301-400                   0                              1             

401-700                   1                              1             

701-800                   1                              2             

801-1,100                2                              2             

1,101-1,200             2                              3             

1,201-1,500             3                              3             

1,501-1,600             3                              4             

1,601-1,900             4                              4             

1,901-2,000             4                              5             

2,001-2,300             5                              5             

2,301-2,400             5                              6             

2,401-2,700             6                              6             

2,701+                     7                              7             


6. Rank: Roll 2d6 and consult chart when using new MechWarrior.  No re-rolling unless you are starting a new event and want a different MechWarrior for the new event.  Once you've rolled once on the chart for the current event, you cannot re-roll your MechWarrior's Rank.  You may choose to not roll on the Rank Chart if you wish your new MechWarrior to be a Regular for the event.  Those piloting unmodified 3025 Mechs may add 2 to the dice rolled on this chart, why?  Because only those who piloted 3025 Mechs became Legends in the Inersphere.


Rank        Piloting Bonus        Die Roll   Gunnery Bonus

Civilian    +3                            2                              +3           

Trainee    +2                            3                              +2           

Green      +1                            4-5                           +1           

Regular    0                              6-8                           0             

Veteran    -1                             9-10                         -1            

Elite         -2                             11                            -2            

Elite Veteran-3                        12                            -3            

Master    -4                             13                            -4            

Legend     -5                             14                            -5


8. The Play: Each session is made up of 3 teams of 4 players, for a total of 12 players.  Team 1 is made up of Warden Clansmen.  Team A is made up of Crusader Clansmen.  And team Red is made up of Intersphere coalition forces.  Each team has a leader and they are determined by who has the highest rank MechWarrior.  If two or more MechWarriors have the same rank, they must decide which is in command however the judge wishes to break the tie.  Immediately prior to beginning game play, each team leader rolls 2D6. The side with the lower result chooses the edge of the map from which his force will enter the game. The other team will enter on the most opposite edge. The side on which your forces enter the map is considered your "home" map edge.  Each BattleMech may move onto the board walking, running or jumping, with the 1/4 hex on the map being the Mech's starting point for the Movement Phase.  In play each 1/4 hex can hold a Mech, so only 1/4 hexes or larger are considered legal for use.


9. Initiative Used: We will be using a modified version of the Maximum Tech p.48 Initiative Phase rules, instead of standard Initiative rules.  Initiative is based on the highest number wins normally.  However, we are going modify this a bit. To make it simple, you roll 3d6 and add your Piloting Skill, the lowest number wins.  There is no such thing as simultaneous actions for these events.  Initiative matters.  All tied initiatives are rolled off to determine who wins.  Because of the Initiative used, damage is resolved immediately after a player fires each weapon or physical attack.  To hit rolls are to be done one at a time [In other words, no rolling a hand full of dice for all you weapons].  All required Piloting skill rolls and MechWarrior damage rolls resulting from the damage for a Mech happen immediately after damage is resolved, before the next weapon or person's action.  Example; If you take 20 points of damage from your opponent, you must make a piloting skill roll immediately to keep from falling down.


10. “It's Dead Jim!”:. For the definition ofa destroyed Mech, see page 38 of BattleTech Master Rules.  If your MechWarrior dies when your Mech is destroyed, then you must roll a new rank for your new MechWarrior.  If your Mech is killed in the Tournament before your opponents, you've lost that Duel.  Level 3 Ejection and Mech Explosion rules from Maximum Tech are in effect for these events.  However, a MechWarrior is automatically picked up (“beam me up Scotty”) if he/she escapes his/her Mech when it is destroyed.  No hunting down orphaned MechWarriors is allowed.  A. In addition, for the purposes of speeding up the events a Mech is disabled when: the Mech has lost a leg if it's biped, 2 legs if it's Quad, is frozen (ie. missed MASC roll, etc.), lost 90% or more of it's weapon systems, lost 90% or more of it's internal structure, or at any time the judges determines, "It's Dead, Jim".  B. If your Mech becomes disabled in a non-tournament event, your affiliations dropship may drop a new Mech on-board for you to play in a full turn (left in turn A, out turn B, and return turn C).  C. When coming on-board in a new Mech, you automatically loose initiative.


11. Walking Off Board: You cannot leave the board until your Mech's ammo is depleted (except one shot type weapons), or your weapons pod on an Omni-Mech is 80% inoperable.  A. Ammo dependent Mechs and Omni-Mechs may leave the board from their home edge to reload their ammo if their ammo is depleted and Omni-Mechs may replace pods of equal or lesser Battle Value if 80% of the pod is inoperable. B. Armor, internal structure, non-pod equipment, etc., cannot be replaced. C. You must then return to the same exit hex after waiting out at least 1 full turn  (leave the board turn A, wait out turn B to replace Pod on Mech, return turn C in same hex exited).  E. When coming on-board after re-loading, you automatically loose initiative.




1. We will be employing a timer.

A. When it is your turn to move in movement phase, the timer will start. You have until the time runs out (a one  minute timer) to make your move. If you fail to move before the timer runs out, your Mech stood still (but not immobile).

B. When it is your turn to declare fire during fire declaration phase, the timer will start. If you fail to declare your fire before the timer runs out, you do no fire actions that round.

C. When it is your turn to do physical attacks during physical attack phase, the timer will start. If you fail to attack before the timer runs out, your Mech stood still (but not immobile).


2. Mechs with heat sinks in the feet gain double effect for those heat sinks when standing in level 0 & level water.  All others gain a double effect in level 2 or greater water, as per the BattleTech Master Rules.


3. "Bird" type Mechs, like the Locust and Marauder, can Squat. To determine if your Mech squats, see the picture of it, or it's base design you modified it from, in an appropriate technical readout. Make a note on your Mech sheet that your Mech is a BirdMech for your reference if it is, and what technical readout and page number for proof. If the Mech's knees are backwards, it's a "bird" Mech. Squatting is done in place of Torso Twist or Turret Turn, and moving from a Squat costs 1MP. A Squatted Mech is only 1 level high, instead of 2 and thus fully covered if normally under Partial Cover. But unlike the Level 3 Quad Mech Hull-Down rules, Bird Mechs cannot go Hull-Down, they can onlySquat, which still makes them Level 1, the same as Vehicles. While Squatted, a Mech cannot move, but they can still torso twist, arm flip (if able), and turret turn. They cannot do any physical combat except punch on the kick table (they cannot kick or useany hand held physical attack weapons (ie. Hatchet, Sword, Mace, Claw, etc.)). They can still fire with head, torso, and arm-mounted weapons, but not leg mounted weapons. Like a normal 2 level high BattleMech in Level 2 water, a Level 1 Squatted Mech in Level 1 water, blocks line of sight. The same is true for Quads Mechs who Hull-Down in water.


4. If any die rolls off the table, all dice are re-rolled.


5. All Physical attacks will use the rules from Maximum Tech p. 25.  It does not cover physical weapons for Piloting Skills other than Clubbing.  Based upon the descriptions, Hatchet is at -1 (same as normal clubbing), and Sword is at -2 (since in MasterRules, a Sword is a base of 3, and Clubbing/Hatchet is a base of 4).


6. There will be no arguing with the judges. If youhave a concern with a ruling the judges have made, you may show the judges your concern from the books quietly, and he may or may not take it under advisement. If you argue with the judges, you will be ejected from the event (see rule #1).


7. A roll of a 2 always fails no matter the modifier.  A roll of a 12 always succeeds no mater the modifiers, except weapons systems automatically lock themselves out at a 13 or higher to hit.




1.             Each Mech is worth its Battle Value in points.  When you kill a Mech, everyone who had a hand in damaging that particular Mech gets an equal share in the Mech's Battle Value in points, and the Warrior who brought it down, gets an additional 100 points.  If it brought itself down (from falling, over heating, etc.), the last Warrior to hit it gets the bonus 100 points.


2.             Loosing your Mech: If you loose your Mech to an opponent in honorable combat, nothing is lost from your score.  If you loose your Mech to friendly fire, the attacking friendly Mech looses your BV from his score.  If your Mech becomes disabled for any other reason, you lose half the BV of your Mech from your score (except for blowing your MASC roll, see below).  You may also eject at any time, loosing half the BV of your Mech from your score unless the Referee declares your Mech is "dead".  You can eject out of a Mech as per the rules.  You can not pop the hatch and leave your Mech for this game.  If your Mech "Freezes" because you failed your MASC roll, you may bring in your Mech again, after being out 1 full turn with no penalty to your score.


3.             Game play continues until time is up.  Once the Judges call time no more scoring takes place.  At the end of battle, all remaining Battle Value of Mechs that have seen combat, are awarded to their players as a bonus.


4.             The winner of each session is the person with the highest score.


5.             1st-6th place winners of Sessions 1 are eligible to play for the Championship in the 2nd session.  Which will be fought as a double elimination duels.