For use with AD&D 1st or 2nd Edtion DragonLance rules. It works best

using 1st Edition with Unearthed Arcane and the survival Guides. It

also has been played with DM/Player's Option Rules for 2nd Editon.


The Remnant


The remnant are those Dragon Lance characters who have accepted

The Word (Jesus) as their Savior and Lord. They worship Ava (God

The Father (also known as His true name hohy (Yahweh). They are

filled, sealed, and indwelt by and with The Kamikaze (also known

as the Divine Wind, Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost). The Tri-Unity

(or Trinity) is known as the High God, or just God. The Three

persons of the Tri-Unity are one in essence, purpose, and

meaning, but they each have individual roles and many



The Creed of the Remnant is their statement of faith:


I believe in Ava, maker of Heaven and Kyrnn.

I believe in The Word, His number one son, conceived

by the power of the Kamikaze, I believe in the virgin birth.

I believe that He was bruised for our iniquity, crucified for

our sins, and hung between two thieves, and died.

I believe that He defended, and set the captives free.

I believe in the resurrection, on the third and glorious day.

I believe that He ascended, and prepares a place for me.

I believe that the Bible is the only standard of faith and

practice as given to us from Kamikaze through his holy

prophets and apostles. I believe that Kamikaze is alive

in me, and will guide me, and my spirit will bear witness

to Kamikaze. I believe that the Word will come back,

to judge the quick and the dead, but no man knows the day.


(Kamikaze = Divine Wind, ie. Holy Spirit. Pneumo means wind or

spirit in greek. Ava is Hebrew for Father)


If their old god affiliation is a god of Good, the god

affiliation is still maintained, but now the focus is worship of

God. The old god is now see for what it is; and Angel of Ava

(also called saints of old , meaning saints before man was able

to become a saint himself). Because of this change of focus,

Clerical and Druidic spells are now referred to at Prayers.

Prayer casters that become part of the remnant no longer pray to

their Angel, but now pray to Ava. Ava can grant any Clerical or

Druidic spell that is under the category of a good Angel, and the

Clerical class character is no longer restricted by his Angel s

spell category.


Characters that are not good, are turned into any Good alignment

of their Choice with not penalties, save spell availability.

Magic User type characters are restricted to White Robe spells



Because of their possession by the Kamikaze, they receive a bonus

of 1d6 non-weapons proficiencies, called Spiritual Gifts .

These proficiencies are rolled against the characters Wisdom.

The Character can have any from the current lists of non-weapons

proficiencies, or may choose one to increase his skill in one he

already has turning it into a Wisdom based Spiritual Gift,

instead of it s current base of operation.


Spiritual Gifts are effected by the characters sin level. For

each pride point a character earns (for doing evil or selfish

acts), the character is at a -3 to his Wisdom roles for Spiritual

Gifts. These pride points can be removed by Confessional Prayer.

There may also be other negative effects as the DM determines.


In addition to the other non-weapon proficiencies, a Remnant

character can get s Spiritual Combat and Confessional Prayer for

free, and can purchase these additional non-weapon proficiencies.


Spiritual Combat I - Cost 0 slots, 2 slots per additional level.

The Player quotes for memory a Bible passage. The player has 10

seconds to say as much of the passage, including the reference,

as he can. If he says it correctly, the number of words spoken

is counted as damage against the intended target (single target

only). This ability may be raised by spending 2 non-weapon

proficiency slots to do double damage. The max allowed is a

multiplier by 10. After each verse is quoted, it is written in

Ink on the Character s permanent record sheet, and can never be

cited again.


Spiritual Combat II - Cost is 2 slots. This allows the Player to

quote a passage of scripture from memory. The player says the

passage, including the reference, and is timed while saying it.

For each 10 seconds of time, the Spiritual Combat took a combat

round to get off. If successful, the DM will determine a

miraculous outcome based on the Scripture cited for that time,

place, and enemies. The Scripture cited must be written down, as

per Spiritual Combat I.


Prayer as Skill - Cost is 1 slot per Spell Level. This allows

the Character to take a Good prayer from the Clerical or Druidic

Spell lists, or a White Robe Spell and make it a skill based on

Wisdom, which can be cast at any time, as many times as the

character wishes, with one exception, it must be to build up the

party (the Body of the Remnant).


Confessional Prayer - Cost is 0 initially, and can be increased

by 1 Slot. This allows a Character to quote a Bible verse

(minimum of 10 words, and takes an entire round) to purge 1 pride

point counted against him if he says it correctly from memory.

This can be increased to do double confession (purge two pride

points) for a cost of only 1 slot, but can not be increase beyond



Theology - Cost is 1 (0 for Holy Order of the Stars initially).

This allows the character to recall learned systematic and

biblical theology, as well as, develop new systematic and

biblical theology.


Biblical Languages - Cost 2 (0 for Holy Order of the Stars

initially). This allows the character to know, interpret and use

Koina Greek, Hebrew, Imperial Aramaic, Ugaritic, Latin, 18th

Century German Theologanise, and 20th Century American and

British English.


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